Green Smoothie with Brussels Sprouts Leaves

Green Smoothie with brussel sprouts leafs

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Last winter I planted some brussel sprout plants, even though a friend said that it might a bit too late. Well, he was right about that, he he.

The minus: the plants went to flower before I could harvest any sprouts.

The plus: bees love the flowers. AND you have lots of green leaves for smoothies. Yum!

green smoothie brussel sprout

I really love this refreshing green smoothie, especially with the temperatures getting warmer here in New Zealand. You can also use leaves from broccoli, cauli flower and other leafy greens.

For two big glasses you’ll need:

approx. 150g brussel sprout leaves
2 ripe bananas
1 ripe apple
1 lemon
3 cups filtered water (or less if you don’t like as watery as I do)

green smoothie brussel sprout


Pluck the soft parts off the leaf, discarding the trunk (into the compost), and put them into a (reasonably good) blender.

Chop the bananas and apples and add them to the blender.

Juice the lemon and add it into the blender together with the water.

green smoothie brussel sprout

I prefer to start blending on a low speed and crank it up for the last minute. Don’t blend it for too long to avoid it getting too warm (nutrients will get destroyed by the heat).

green smoothie brussel sprout

green smoothie brussel sprout

Enjoy! 🙂

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