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5 Good Reasons To Make Your Own Nut-Milk (+How To Do It)

I’m a big fan of home-made nut-milk. Especially since I live in New Zealand. The Recycling system is not as advanced as it is in Europe and therefore a lot of recyclable materials end up in land-fill. When I noticed how much of my waste goes there too, I decided to improve. This was the starting point for my nut-milk love Continue reading

DIY Sprouts in a Jar

How to Make Your Own Sprouts

Here in New Zealand, nights are getting chilly, leaves are dropping off the trees. The wood fire is on at night. And the plants in the garden have slowed down. My lettuce won’t grow fast enough to meet my demands 😉

A good reason to do some sprouting! Healthy and fresh and green, grown on the kitchen bench – so easy and so good to add some green to your diet! 🙂 Continue reading