(Potentially) World’s Best Tofu Bolognese (Vegan, Gluten-free)

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This yummy tofu bolognese sauce is so good, that in all these years I have been making it, I have not had a single meat eater reject it.

Tofu doesn’t really have a good reputation among carnivores, but if you prepare it right, it has POTENTIAL!

This recipe is simple and easy to make – but is also full of flavour. The secret of my tofu bolognese: ground paprika. Lots of ground paprika! And herbs. Lots of herbs! 🙂

For 2 good portions you’ll need:

1 tablespoon coconut-oil (or some water for an oil-free option)
1 small onion, finely diced
250g Tofu
1 medium sized carrot, finely diced
2 sticks of celery, finely diced
1-2 garlic cloves, finely diced

1/4 teaspoon chilli flakes
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried basil
3 teaspoon ground paprika
1 can (400g) crushed tomatoes

salt and pepper to taste

some water if needed


1. Preheat the frying pan with the coconut oil or water. Sautee the onions.

2. In the meantime, tear the tofu into 4 to 6 pieces and over the sink press each piece with your hands to get rid some of the juice. Then crumble the tofu into little pieces and put it aside.

3. Cook until the tofu starts to get drier and turns slightly golden. Then add the carrots, garlic, chilli flakes, thyme, oregano, basil and stir in well.

4. Shortly after add the ground paprika, stir it well to make sure it mixes well with the tofu.

5. Add the passata and bring to boil while stirring constantly. Rinse the bottle of the tomatoes with a little water and add to the sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste.

6. Cook until the celery and carrots are soft. If the sauce is too thick you can add a bit more water.

Excellent with pasta, as lasagne filling or with rice. Enjoy!

Please let me know what you think about this recipe, I’d love to hear from you! And if you remake this recipe, please share the picture with me on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.


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