Why my Christmas will be 100% Vegan this Year

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This year was filled with personal growth and new insights. There were quite depressing moments but also hope.

I have dared to leave my comfort zone. For example I went to a climate march, even though I find it rather uncomfortable as an introvert. Especially with a sign that bears a vegan message. What motivated me to do that anyway, was the awareness that this is too important to be comfortable.

Another confrontation that I have avoided for many years was dealing with reality. The brutal reality animal factory farms and slaughterhouses worldwide. But now I watched the videos that James Aspey documented from a slaughterhouse in Bali (which work with the same system as in most other places worldwide). I watched a German TV undercover report about the gruesome reality of pig farms in Germany. I saw the documentary about the mistreatment and murder of “retired” racing horses in Australia. And I read quite a few shocking articles. It was absolutely awful and shocking.

And I will never forget these images.

A very active vegan activist friend supplies me with food for though every day. And the lovely ladies from the German animal activist project Beautiful Commitment really shook me up and motivated me to do something.

I don’t want to be quite anymore! because that small amount of uncomfortable feelings is nothing compared to what the animals have to go through when they get killed against their will.

Today I learnt that we already have reached the critical mass of vegan people, so that we could seriously start to create change. But most vegans are silent. They don’t dare to speak up for the animals. I can relate, I was like that too. I can only ask to look into this subject again and again. And to remember why we chose to live a vegan lifestyle and what we want to achieve with it.

Vegan food can be so colourful and full of flavour

This is why I decided not to compromise anymore. Instead I will offer to create a true vegan feast, to show how delicious and easy vegan food can be.

And Christmas time is the ideal occasion to do just that. Because the contradiction couldn’t be stronger when we celebrate love but have dead animals on our plates, right?

Spoil your loved ones with delicious food and celebrate love

It doesn’t have to be like that! Let us all create change for a better world by standing up for our values with all our heart and soul!

On my blog you can find heaps of inspirations for vegan meals. Also, my fellow vegan friend The Pesky Vegan has created a beautiful compilation of vegan recipes for kinder holidays 🙂

Happy holidays everyone!

Much love,
Jana 🙂

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